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Peppermint / Kawa kawa / Nettle / Dandelion root

An effective after meal digestive tea, or when your body needs a satisfying and regenerative nutrient boost.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS / Digestive, warming, nutrient dense, liver tonic

TASTE PROFILE / Menthol, gentle spice, earthy undertones, full body, smooth, rich, balanced, satisfying

BREW + SERVE / Hot, iced, in cocktails and with fresh herb


  1tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 3-5 mins / Enjoy 1-3 refills

    2tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 6-8 hrs Strain, bottle, keep in fridge for up to 72hrs / Serve 1 part tea : 2 parts still/sparkling H20

   Mix with Vodka

    Add fresh lemon and mint