EARL GREY TEA : delicate + fragrant - black tea

EARL GREY TEA : delicate + fragrant - black tea

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*Camellia sinensis, Bergamot

A sophisticated, strong black tea delicately infused with fragrant bergamot oil

*Contains caffeine


    Bergamot, floral, citrus undertones, full body, lightly astringent, refreshing


      Antioxidant, digestive, stimulates metabolism


      Our glass jars are designed to be kept and refilled with the NUDE range.  Each jar holds a different amount of tea, depending on the weight of the blend. You'll find the weight of each blend in the product drop down menu, and can use that as a guideline for how much of the NUDE range you'll need to refill your jar. 

      Our tea boxes are fully recyclable, and inside you'll find the tea is packaged in natureflex home compostable bags made from GMO (GE) free timber cellulose, and labeled with paper stickers. 

      The NUDE range comes in fully compostable, resealable packaging.


      BREW + SERVE 

        1tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 3-5 mins / Enjoy 1-3 refills

        Serve with an optional slice of lemon, in the cup or on the side


        2tsp per 250mls at 90˚C / Infuse 6-8 hrs Strain, bottle, keep in fridge for up to 72hrs

        Serve diluted over ice with fresh lemon for a classic iced tea


        Mix with Vodka 

        Use 1 part EGT : 1 part vodka, pour over ice in a tall glass and top up with still or sparkling water for a refreshing and uplifting drink


        Fresh lemon

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