Recipe ~ Iced Repose


We love making the most of the last warmer Autumn days with iced brews. Repose is delicately floral and subtly sweet - which makes it delicious when paired with fruit as an iced tea. Plus it'll nourish your nervous system and help bring you back to a place of calm ~ the perfect antidote for long afternoons or after-work overwhelm. 


To prepare :

1.  To make a tea concentrate, brew 2 tsp of Repose per 250 mls of water

2.  Infuse until cool

3.  Strain and use straight away, or keep in the fridge and drink within 72hr


To serve :

1. Fill a tall glass with ice

2. Pour over one part tea concentrate to two parts sparkling water, or fill to the top

3. For a touch of sweet and spicy, add a quill of cinnamon to the hot brew phase or as a final touch to your iced brew

4. Add fresh herbs to taste, get creative with what you have at home! It is delicious with fresh berries and lemon!


Tips :

~  Play around with the strength, everyone has a different taste preference! Use slightly less tea concentrate for a more subtle flavour

~ For a more traditional iced tea, try it with cold filtered water instead of sparkling

~ If you love a botanical cocktail, add 1 measure of vodka or your favourite non-alcoholic spirit



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