Recipe ~ Iced Revive


We love Revive for its energising properties, and on a warm day its even better iced. 


To prepare :

1.  To make a tea concentrate, brew 2 tsp of Revive per 250 mls of water

2.  Infuse until cool

3.  Strain and use straight away, or keep in the fridge and drink within 72hr


To serve :

1. Fill a glass with ice

2. Pour over one part tea concentrate to two parts sparkling water, or fill to the top

3. Add fresh fruit or herbs to taste! We love fresh mint, lemon and cucumber for the ultimate refreshing drink


Tips :

~  Play around with the strength, everyone has a different taste preference! Use slightly less tea concentrate for a more subtle flavour

~ For a more traditional iced tea, try it with cold filtered water instead of sparkling

~ If you love a botanical cocktail, add 1 measure of vodka or your favourite non-alcoholic spirit



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