Stockist Spotlight Series ; Atomic Coffee Roasters

Today we keep it local and chat with the awesome team behind Auckland based Atomic Coffee Roasters. Situated in the lively community of Kingsland is one of their trademark cafes, featuring some of the best brews in town. 
Cafe + Roastery 
Location: 420c New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland
Specialty: Coffee
Q : How long have you been in business?
A : Atomic Coffee Roasters opened its doors on Ponsonby Road in 1992 – back before café culture was a thing. We were the scruffy kid, pumping out live music and top-notch coffee from between fine-dining restaurants. As we hit full steam, the queues grew longer than our slice of the strip could handle. So in 1995 we made the move to Kingsland, finding our groove as part of this creative, eclectic community. Since then Atomic has taken off. Three additional espresso bars & hundreds of wholesale customers later, our purpose remains the same – to continue to create great coffee.
Q : Why did you choose to partner with Forage and Bloom?
A : Like Atomic, we see Forage and Bloom as a company who are looking to push the boundaries between a good and great brew & that was important to us.
Q : Do you have anything exciting going on that you’d like to share?

A : As a business we think it’s always important to continue to innovate our practices to be more sustainable and planet friendly. Brew Run is our latest take on that.

Brew Run is a coffee delivery service local to the Kingsland area (2km radius) just like an old school milk run! Download the web app, place your order & receive your fresh Atomic coffee in a reusable canister. When you’re done, leave your empty canister at your door step & place another order. It will be swapped out for a fresh can & the used one will be sanitised and go back into circulation. We’re serious about our coffee and we love our locals.  The beauty of Brew Run is that ONLY the Atomic team handle your coffee from roasting right through to delivery. It’s full service to ensure you get the best Atomic coffee experience. 

Q :  What inspired you to open your space & who is your inspo?

A : When making that move to Kingsland in 1995 we were welcomed with open arms to a really cool community of likeminded businesses. As Kingsland has grown and become its own, it’s been really important to us to stay authentic to our roots and continue to push boundaries with our coffee. Our space continues to adapt and grow with us. With 3 other sites, it’s been pretty cool getting to bring our Atomic ‘vibe’ with us wherever we go

One of our latest releases ‘Fruit Punch’ is a special edition we do every year. It’s a fruity blend, goes down a treat with our customers. The box always features some cool art that reflects the flavours in the brew. This year was pretty special, we got to work with one of our regulars Steve Wood, who is a local tattoo artist. The outcome was groovy. Being able to work with locals like Steve and have their input in our projects is really exciting and where we find a whole lot of inspiration. 


Blog post with Steve wood :


Thanks Atomic Coffee Roasters ~ we love your passion for a quality brew ☆ 

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