Stockist Spotlight Series : The Farmers Daughter

Overlooking their very own organic vegetable gardens and out to the beautiful Omaha estuary, The Farmers Daughter is not to be missed. From the beautifully crafted Espresso Bar to the light filled interiors of the main cafe, their ethos is clear in every detail. All of their offerings stem from the produce grown in their on-site garden, or local growers and artisan producers. Think mindful, sustainable, homely and delicious. 
Cafe + Restaurant 
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Location : Omaha Estuary, Matakana
Specialty : Seasonal, sustainable and locally sourced food, made with love

Q : What is the story behind the name of your business? 

A : I named the café after Lois who was the original owner of the building, she is the ‘Farmer’s Daughter. Lois’s late husband built the building, I was inspired by her stories of growing up on a farm. Lois was very enthusiastic about my plans, she helped me every step of the way – she painted the entire exterior of the building before we reopened, she gave me so much insight and help along the way. I’d never done anything like this before, so I was completely open to her guidance. The Farmers Daughter is a tribute to her.


Q : What lies at the heart of your business? 

A : Sustainable, natural, mindful food made with love. People are drawn to us that have the same sort of ideas and philosophies we do. They’re passionate about eating good food and having a fulfilled life – and that is really what our business is about too.


Q : Do you have a signature dish or specialty product?

A : It would have to be our Long-Lined Kingfish with Tzatziki, Char Grilled Fennel and Olive Crumb. These beautiful fresh flavours with our locally and sustainably caught fish, delivered fresh to us every week is an all time favourite. 


Q : Do you have anything exciting going on that you’d like to share?

A : We have so much on the go and some amazing plans ahead however the best news of the moment is being able to reopen our doors, it has been far too long and we are beyond excited to have our kitchen open again to showcase our refined Farm To Fork menu for this summer.  


Q : Do you have a favourite Forage and Bloom tea?  

A : The Forage and Bloom Salvation tea is a go-to and regularly ordered by our customers, beautifully restorative and easy on the digestive system, a great way to simply nourish your body.


Thanks team! We love your commitment to a conscious lifestyle 🌱

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