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CORNFLOWER : Centaurea cyanus

CORNFLOWER : Centaurea cyanus

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Dried botanicals for your everyday life. Organic and therapeutic quality, always.


Known for their delicate and vibrant blue petals, cornflowers were traditionally used in eyewash formulations due to their anti-inflammatory and gently astringent properties.

Cornflowers can be used as a bitter tonic and stimulant, helping to improve digestion. Their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and gently astringent actions also make them useful in assisting the immune system and clearing congestion throughout the respiratory tract.


Actions :

Anti-inflammatory / Antibacterial / Antioxidant / Astringent / Mild Diuretic / Emmenagogue / Stimulant / Digestive Tonic 

Other uses :

Try freezing in ice cubes for a nourishing floral addition to your iced tea or drink.

Packaging :

All botanicals come in fully compostable, resealable packaging. 


Please note that due to the nature of dried herbs being pure plant matter, the appearance may vary slightly between batches. Rest assured that the quality and organic certification will always remain the same. 


For larger order quantities please contact 


References ;

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Customer Reviews

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Rewa Paewai
Delicious, nutritious tea and a stunning colour.

I was interested in this tea for its nutrient/healing properties, but it was also very pleasant to drink, not particularly strong or herbal, and the colour (from the cornflower) is stunning. I shared it with a friend who is planning to make ice cubes from the tea to add to a summer non-alcoholic punch. Healthy but also festive.