YERBA MATE : Ilex paraguariensis

YERBA MATE : Ilex paraguariensis

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A member of the Holly family, yerba mate is a South American plant which often grows over ten metres in height.

Known primarily for its cognitive enhancing properties, yerba mate is a great herb to keep you alert and calm. It is caffeine containing, though it also includes antioxidants such as theobromine which helps to calm the mind, working in synergy with the caffeine content to provide a calm and focussed stimulation.

Yerba mate is particularly high in antioxidants, meaning as well as stimulating cognition it has positive effects on the immune system and heart health.


Actions :

Antimicrobial / Antioxidant / Antidiabetic / Cardioprotective / Hypocholesterolemic / Hepatoprotective / Central Nervous System Stimulant / Diuretic

Packaging :

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Please note that due to the nature of dried herbs being pure plant matter, the appearance may vary slightly between batches. Rest assured that the quality and organic certification will always remain the same.

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