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GINKGO : Ginkgo biloba

GINKGO : Ginkgo biloba

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Dried botanicals for your everyday life. Organic and therapeutic quality, always.


Dubbed the "elixir of youth" by renowned herbalist Christopher Hobbs, ginkgo is one of the most researched herbs available. The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest surviving tree species in the world, and dates back to at least 200 million years ago. Traditionally used to benefit brain function, ginkgo is now known to have numerous health benefits.

One of ginkgo's prime benefits its ability to increase blood flow, which proves useful for a range of cardiovascular conditions.

Ginkgo also exerts neuro-protective effects by reducing free radical production in the prefrontal cortex, and has the ability to increase the absorption of oxygen and glucose in the brain. Such benefits have been shown to improve recall, recognition memory, attention, concentration and mood.

Its uses also span to numerous nervous system conditions, and it has been shown to have the same effect on the brains electrical activity as nootropics.  


Actions :

Vasodilator  /  Antispasmodic  /  Anti-inflammatory  /  Anti-oxidant

Packaging :

All botanicals come in fully compostable, resealable packaging. 


Please note that due to the nature of dried herbs being pure plant matter, the appearance may vary slightly between batches. Rest assured that the quality and organic certification will always remain the same. 


For larger order quantities please contact 


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